Marketing and distribution is not an easy task especially when your products are not a basic needs of the people or if your product is new launch and not yet known in the market..but if there’s a will there’s a way…if you are a distributor salesman, here the steps to make your call to be effective.The Basic Call Procedure.

1. Plan
– Plan your work..(your area,territory, your objectives and target.)
– Plan and check the account potential.
– Check your sales tools (invoice, ball pen, sales aid,calculator)
2. Enter Call
– Greet the store owner or the store attendants.
– Ask permission to do the store and warehouse check.
3. Store check
– Check the merchandising position (pricing, shelves display position)
– Check the inventory of your products in the warehouse and in the display area.
– Check competitor’s activities. (pricing and new products)
– Make a suggested order according to your inventory.
4. Sales Presentation
– Present your suggested order to the purchaser.
– present your promo plan if there is.
5. Closing the Sales
– After the sale presentation, give to the customer your sales order plan sheet
to sign and confirm his/her order.
– if there are some clarification be ready to answer.
6. Record and Reports
– After the customer confirm the order, write it down on the invoice (write it
– do the writing at the place where you cannot disturb the traffic of the
7. Layout for stock delivery.
– Give the invoice to your helper for delivery.
8. Delivery and payment
– after your helper deliver the items, collect it immediately.
– check the cash or the check in front of the customer.
– validate the date, the figure, the words on the check payment.
– remember “sales is not a sales unless it is collected, deposited in the bank
and cleared.”
9. Merchandising (re-sale and maintenance)
– display your delivered products on shelves or hanging dispenser.
10. Next Call and “Thank You”
– Give an appreciation and thank you to the store owner or purchaser.
– tell him/her your next visit.
11. Post Call Analysis
– after your call, evaluate the result.(the target and objective whether you
achieve or not, why or how)


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