Understanding Different Customers

Understanding Customer Behavior
1 THE NEED TO FEEL IMPORTANT – How to make the customer feel important
– Respect their own experienced and knowledge of the business.
– Share your own knowledge and experienced.
– Give them a special things like:
1. Latest industry figures(market share, sales ranking in the territory etc.)
2. Information that they can use in their business like CATEGORY MANAGEMENT,
3. Always ready for any change that they will propose.
2. THE NEED FOR APPRECIATION – always give thanks to the Customers
1. Every end of the discussion (personal or telephone)
2. Avoid words or terms you always say to him after your appreciation.
3. In your appreciation, use “Facial Expression” that shows your thoughtfulness.
4. Appreciate their inquiry and complain.
5. Think of a new and better way of appreciation example:
a. A letter that contain a special information.
b. An unexpected gift.
c. An extra telephone call with a good news for their business.
3. THE NEED TO BE UNDERSTOOD – Don’t treat them as Customer’s only,
– We can show to them that we understand them thru:
a. Patience – listen to their problems and complains.
b. Give focus when you are talking to them.
c. Look at things from their own point of view.
d. Project that you are interested when you are talking.


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