1. First, you should secure the desired or optimum display space available for the whole year. This means display space negotiation and display contract submission.

2. Appropriate merchandising materials (i.e. crowners, price tags, shelf edge etc.) for the highlighted brand should be in the warehouse.

3. Once the stocks of highlighted brand is avilable, initiate changeover fo stocks from the old to new, or for new SKUs, display the products immediately.

4. The desired impact is that there should be a “single or common look” for both primary and secondary displays in all accounts (depending on trade sector) simultaneously for the highlighted brand.

5. There will be certain highlighted brands which may share one module due to space and booking limitations. In such case, assure that:

a. Crowners for each brand are installed alternately for each side.

b. Specific facings and layering are followed.

c. Maximum of 2 brands per module.

6. For accounts with only one highlight module, sharing can occur, but only the top 2 priority highlight brands for the period should occupy the module based on the guidelines spedified in no. 5

7. The maximum module size for the display highlight is 2×4. So for 4×4 display, one half is for brand A and the other half is for brand B.

8. The minimum module size for a display highlight is 2×2.

9. The primary display (shelves) should be consistent in terms of look with the modules. Don’t take the shelves for granted.


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