KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. If you are selling the Mount Mayon, the Luneta Grandstand, or the Manila City Hall, you are expected to know with full authority the whys and the wherefores of these places and structures including each one’s history, archetecture, Torrens tittle, Transfer Certificate of Tittle (TCT) and so on.
It is important to note that these places are not, and may never be opened up, for sale. But some very enterprising and unscrupulous salespersons have been able to sell city creeks, canals, tributary rivers, including nonexistent buildings and lots. Some of them even possess the ability to sell a tiny dilis (long-jawed anchovy) for the price of a golden bangus (milkfish).
These people definitely know what they are talking about. That they are selling properties not up for sale is evidence enough of what they know.
What more if you sell things that actually exist? Houses and lots you can see, development projects you can inspect, and services you can feel? Knowing all the facts and circumtances surrounding an honest commodity sale is beyond the word EASY. You cannot cover up flaws with deceit or misrepresentation.
If you are selling an encyclopedia, you are expected to know all and everything about it-including all and everything there is to know about other encyclopedia brands.
One Filipino sales champion, Ms. J. Ramos-Lim, who has been a consistent sales awardee, has coined these formulas: “A good knowledge of the product plus activity equals productivity, and right activity minus all forms of excuses equals success.
True enough. If you really know what you are talking about, the spirit of self-confidence subliminally sets in and stays in your system.


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