walk-tallThere is definitely nothing much we can do about your height if it is way below the conventional standard. It is part of reality that some are born tall, others are not. But, even if you are a little bit short, you personal image can be taller than the tallest PBA import when properly managed and handled.
What to wear on what occasion is also on essential element not to be ignored in personality building. Color matching or contrasting of wardrobe can be learned easily, including the proper matching of jewelry and accessories.
You do not have to spend much in order to enhance your overall image. The bottom line here is for you to be able to master how to identify with the kind of client you are dealing with. Walking tall is not tall walking. It is your ability to adjust to your client’s pace. If he walks fast, naturally you would be left behind with your shorter strides.
If your client will spend the weekend in the beach, it is more likely than not that he is in his seaside attire, complete with matching visor and beach sandals or rubbers.
Look at how awkward your appearance will be if you arrive in your best suit or shirt and tie, with matching leather shoes and attache case.
Is is not more pleasing to see if you go to your appointment dressed in almost the same manner as your client? Immediately you have something in common. If he smiles at you, would you not feel a certain welcome in tha air?
The truth is: your client will momentarily forget that you are a salesperson, who has trailed him to the beach to get his signature. At first, you may probably talk about the water or about his jet ski. By talking less and listening more, you gain a foothold over him. Gradually, depending on your capability to steer the conversation, you get to your desired direction. You end up a winner.


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