logo_master_salesperson2Please do not be misled. I am not saying here that you talk like a rich man or pretend to be one. What I mean is that your speech must be rich with proper conversation conduct and ethics. Suitability is again the order of the day here. You do not talk useing Pidgin English or Tagalog, or colloquial terminology, to an obviously hard-core academic creep. I mean, academic buff. No, I mean, serious intellectual. See?

Talking rich includes having extensive knowledge of how your products fare with other name brands. Knowing these, you can confidently walk with authority and with registered ease about the whole spectrum of product comparison. Talking rich is also talking with marked convenience about pertinent subject matters surrounding your product or product line. Just make sure that your speech is filled with factual truths because if you are just bluffing your way around, sooner or later, your client will find you out.

Part of enriching your speech is getting right the manner and the timing of injecting humor in your conversation with your client. Believe it or not, humor is an integral part of a wholesome conversation. Some salespersons call on their clients with nothing in their “speech bags” but product knowledge and other hard facts. Not an iota of humor. So, they sometimes end up being the biggest joke of the day. It is not quite funny conversing with a person without the slightest trace of a smile on his face?

“A sense of humor is essential to everyone because it gives a sense of balance, proportion and perspective [to things],” according to former Senator Maria Kalaw-Katigbak.

How will you acquire a sense of balance and proportion if you do not possess a sense of humor? How will you gain a sense of perspective if you do not smile at all? So, if I were you, I would smile right away.


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