Before anything else, you need to know if you have enthusiasm. Because, if you do not have it, how can we fire up something that is not there? Do you really have even a bit of enthusiasm in your system?

Ms. Maggie dela Riva explains: “Enthusiasm is the high energy level in you. To have it, you’ve got to be very dynamic in the way you look, walk, talk, present (your product), handle objection and close (sale)”

There are two essential factors involved in what Maggie has mentioned: first, the high energy level; second, the dynamism in a lot of things. One of them is being dynamic in  your dating.

Enthusiasm is having a strong excitement of feeling. This is what is meant by “high energy level” The zeal and liveliness you feel is beyond ordinary. It is like having a high, so they say. With this energy, you are able to do things better than when you are disinterested or weak.

For example, we have a foreman, or kapatas, who has ordered his carpenter to cut three pieces of wood as big and as thick as the high of Incredible Hulk. Imagine yourself cutting a piece of wood of that size three times! If you were on a high energy level, you would just laugh at this order.

In a hospital, for instance, a director gave his surgeon three major operations to a perform in a single day. If that surgeon is on high level of energy, you will not hear him grumble.

The same case is true with a salesperson who is given twenty client calls in one day by his unit manager. If he is on high level of energy, he will undertake his assignment wholeheartedly.

In these three samples, we know very well what would happen if the person involved did not posses high energy level or dynamism. Disaster!

How do you fire up your enthusiasm if you have it? It is nolonger difficult to do this once you posses even just a tiny spark. In this case, we will be able to use the three principles I have earlier explained in the preceding chapter. Maggie has mentioned something about being dynamic. Well, you can be dynamic if you can learn how to WALL TALL, TALK RICH, and FELL GOOD!


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