Many years back, a Jesuit priest in the southern Philippines found an eagle’s nest. This is unusual because most eagle’s nests are located on very tall trees. The priest discovered the nest nestled at the foot of a century-old tree. The tree might have cushioned the fall of the nest because the egg inside was unbroken.

The priest brought the nest home. In the hope of saving what was in the egg, he added the egg to those belonging to a hen in the poultry.

When all the eggs were hatched, six chicks emerged. The seventh was the eaglet. The hen took care of the eaglet as much as she did her chicks, even if the eaglet looked different, because it had become part of her brood.

Whenever the chicks chirped, the eaglet also chirped. He sounded a bit different-but not that different. He was able to blend with the chicks because the imitated them. He had no problems growing up with them.

One day, the little eagle looked up at the sky. He saw a full-grown eagle majustically soaring in the sky.

“What is that? How high it flies!”

“It’s an eagle,” answered one of the chicks.

“How beautiful! How I wish we could fly as high as he does. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Don’t even think about it, bro. We aren’t made for flying. We’re only chickens.”

“Is that so?” the young eagle sighed. “Too bad. I wish I were an eagle too,” he added.

So, the young eagle lived and died having one fixed idea in his unfortunately conditioned mind. He was just a chicked who could never be an eagle at all. How pathetic!

Some people are like this poor eagle. They have lived and died within the limitations set by their peers and their environment.

You cannot be this; you cannot be that. In our company, nobody earns one hundred thousand pesos a month. You cannot go beyond this; you cannot go beyond that.

If you accepted all these-hook, line and sinker-how on earth will you be able to earn two hundred thousand pesos a month? How will you buy everything you want-house and lot, a car, beautiful clothes?


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