They can destroy all and every thing you have so painstakingly worked for. Just think of how different the work “price” is from the word “investment”? Or, the phrase “down payment” from “initial investment”? There is a marked difference, is there not?

Rejection words create FEAR. For example, are you not intimidated if you are told, “Sir, please sign the contract instead of “Sir, with your approval, I’ll have this agreement processed in no time at all”?

I repeat: rejection words create fear. They are things of the past. They are obsolete, history, passe. We must use GLAMOUR WORDS instead, because glamour words create desire aside from bestowing respect. Hence, janitors are now called sanitary engineers; messengers, now field clerks; air-con technicians, now climate engineers.

So, be careful with the words you use while you are at the closing stage of your selling. If you are not tactful, the oft quoted Kuwarta na, naging bato pa (Cold cash turned rubble) might happen to you!


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