We have heard the saying Clothes make the man. But the truth is Good manners make the real man. Likewise, good manners make the real sales champions.

“I have upheld the highest level of ethics, professionalism and integrity in dealing with my clients,” Mr. David Loo proudly said before a forum of chosen salespeople.

“I have pursued this career in sales very, very professionally. I have never stolen anybody’s client… and I do not make any promises that I cannot keep,” he said further.

David is a Malaysian national who has established residence in the Philippines and is a consistent top producer in selling membership shares for the Subic Bay Yacht Club in the Philippines. His success story is no different from the rest of us who have struggled, stumbled, fallen and risen again to fight and win. When David hit his lowest, he bravely picked himself up from the fall, struggled again with renewed hope and strength, until success welcomed him at the top.

According to him, he has seen people who have achieved instant success. They usually get drowned by its spirit, causing them to “fall by the wayside and crash back to earth” in no time at all. These people never seem to get up again. Hence, David learned from experience and strove hard to manage his success with humility and propriety.

What is the significance of David’s story as far as his success in selling is concerned? It shows us that, aside from possessing the three basic qualities, namely self-confidence, competence and enthusiasm, there is something else that makes the real super sales champion. There are three other higher qualities that serve as his capping stones, so to speak. These are PROFESSIONALISM, ETIQUETTE and INTEGRITY.

Without these capping stones, like the majestic pyramids, he will not be complete. Without these three qualities, a salesperson will only be as good as long as his self-confidence, his competence and his enthusiasm last. But with integrity, etiquette and professionalism, success is lasting. These three build a kind of relationship that only good asal can establish.

“You will be judged by the kind of asal you project while interacting with your clients,” Dr. Jocano often reiterates.

If you maintain your good manners in dealing with your clients and your fellowmen in general, it is guaranteed your clients and your fellowmen in general, it is guaranteed that they will also treat you well. It is not the quality of your product that will make them do so, but the goodness you show them while interacting with them.


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