This is the product i sell currently, manufactured by Sarangani Cocotech, owned by the Chiongbian Group of Companies. Natures Essence Product lines (Shampoo, Conditioner & Bath soap) It contain VIRGIN COCONUT OIL which is helpful to human body, none synthetic because of its natural ingredients from coconut..try this and you will feel the touch of nature.Available in sari-sari stores and selected groceries.(K-SUN, GLORY TRADING)


"Seasoned Salesman, selling out of nowhere products"

Huh…hay…shit…the most common words that i uttered every time i go out to the stores where i am selling my new and and never heard shampoo, conditioner & bath soap…
For almost 14 years i handled and sell unilever products..one of the market leader in Personal & Home care distribution..I experienced the dominant in the market in terms of booking and merchandising….Almost all my 1,900 accounts always long for my presence in there stores because the products i’m selling are fast moving…today….its a 300 degrees turn around hehehehe im selling the worst…never heard…not supported and out of nowhere items…but this items will eventually turn my life beautiful…..by Gods Grace….